Our technical solutions for the agro and food industry

Specialized in powders and pastes, DFJ Conseil accompanies agro and food companies with realistic, viable and innovative technical solutions. Our mission: to help you overcome all your specific problems with state of the art processes, tailor-made to meet your needs.

How do we solve this?

Our goal is to exceed expectations by designing exceptional processes to obtain unique, optimized results.

Attentive to customer, market and environmental requirements, we customize processes by designing suitable equipment.

By providing our customers with laboratories and pilot tests, we intervene upstream in the design of engineering processes to:     

  Guide testing and adjust operating conditions;

  Take into account the industrial constraints;

  Validate technological choices;
  Conduct industrialization studies
  Provide realistic, competitive and financially manageable     technical solutions

This expertise and rigour are necessary to face the challenges of the physical behavior of powder products: clogging, segregation, flow and variability.

   As for the choice of ingredients, thermomechanics or binders, it is crucial to develop high performance solutions.

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