Agro and Food Production Consulting

DFJ Conseil is an engineering consulting firm. We specialize in R&D and manufacturing of food powder and paste products. 

We work worldwide to help you meet your technological challenges. Please contact us to inquire about your specific project requirements.

Our Expertise: Food Powder and Paste

DFJ Conseil is dedicated entirely to the specific challenges of powder and paste production in the agro and food business. We bring you ideas and sustainable proprietary solutions to overcome the challenges associated with the use of powder and paste in an agro and food context.

DFJ Conseil invents, designs and customizes tailor-made processes to respond to the specific challenges of your production activities. Invention and innovation are at the heart of what we do. Do your existing methods not meet your needs? Do they not allow you to meet a technological challenge inherent to your product?

DFJ Conseil finds the solutions that suit you by assembling different traditional techniques or creating new ones from scratch.

We differ from other firms because we are not focused on “charging by the hour”. We want to work with you, side-by-side and every day to design a completely innovative and original production process for you. Cutting-edge solutions that represent a competitive advantage for your company, secured by industrial protections (patent, license, secrecy, etc.).

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Case Studies

Processes developed by DFJ Conseil:

- Micronization of vegetable proteins for aquaculture.

- Particle reduction system using a cryogenic process.
- Optimized use of L.A.F. (fluidized bed), coating, drying, scales, powders, ...
- Removal of fine and extra-fine particles in a butyrate grinding unit.