Our innovative applications for agro and food industry

DFJ Conseil designs state of the art processes focused on powder and paste production for food processing companies.

How do we apply it?

With a constant concern to find the best solution to every problem each time.

Plan, execute and control each project in order to preserve the environment, value time, save money while offering efficient results... Thanks to its know-how, DFJ Conseil is a relay of innovation, a bridge between design and implementation.

You benefit from tailor-made support at different levels:

   Industrialization of a new product or new method of production;
   Scale-up and pre-sizing;
   Bibliographic research (state of the art, prior art, etc.);
   Support and follow-up of pilot tests;
   Transition from batch to continuous process;
   Equipment Technology Watch and Unit Operations;
   Process modelling and simulation;
   Study of existing technological options;
   Material and production costs;
   R&D expertise, Process and Engineering.

Our main goals are:

  Provide you with realistic, competitive and financially manageable technical solutions;
   Estimate capital and operating expenses for both pilot and industrial phases.

Early expertise secures investments by ensuring the transition of R&D to the engineering and implementation phases. 

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