We create and design solutions for agro and food business

DFJ Conseil, a specialist in powder and paste products, creates and designs innovative processes for agro and food business. 

Whatever your specific needs are, we are at your side to find viable solutions to address even the most complex of your problems.

Specialized for excellence

DFJ Conseil applies innovation and process engineering to powder and paste products, from their development through their transformation to their various applications.


We drive innovation because we create. We are passionate about deep technology and breakthrough innovation. We dedicate ourselves to our customers' quests to find out and provide them with the latest great innovative ideas.

DFJ Conseil believes that real customer satisfaction can only be achieved by finding solutions to the difficulties encountered in managing innovations, their development and operation.

Our consulting and service activities are designed to find the best solutions to value innovation, promote environmental care, provide more human workplaces , maximize energy savings and improve quality.


As creatives and practitioners, we are both practical and inventive, resourceful and passionate:

 To transform ideas into concepts

 To transform concepts into products and processes

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